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Injection: TR90

Comparable to our IN1 series for their strength and durability, what sets these frames apart is the amazing frame material and hinges. The A9 series is made from TR90, one of the most popular frame materials in existence -- aka plastic titanium. In conjunction with our fancy hinges, these frames are able to cater to all face shapes without the annoying pressure on the temples or even loose fits. Enjoy the comfort and when you decide to take them off, the arms fold in neatly by themselves -- you can’t say that isn’t cool.
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A9008 Col.1
A9008 Col.2
A9008 Col.3
A9008 Col.4
A9009 Col.1
A9009 Col.2
A9009 Col.3
A9009 Col.4
A9010 Col.1
A9011 Col.1
A9011 Col.3
A9017 Col.1
A9017 Col.2
A9017 Col.3
A9017 Col.4
A9018 Col.1
A9018 Col.2
A9018 Col.3
A9018 Col.4
A9020 Col.1
A9020 Col.2
A9020 Col.3
A9020 Col.4
A9021 Col.1
A9021 Col.2