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About Us

Our Story

Project Nude ® Eyewear is a contemporary fashion eyewear brand manufactured by Naked EYE, LLC located in Salt Lake City, Utah. For the last 30 years, before starting Project Nude® Eyewear, the founder had manufactured eyewear frames for numerous other brands. Tired of making the same boring colors and repetitive styles, he decided to create something new. Using the richest and most colorful acetates, as well as many other lightweight materials, the craft and design team succeeded in making some of the trendiest and most comfortable glasses ever seen, with over 200 unique designs and colors.



Our Goal

The name of Project Nude® came from the idea of being yourself in this fast fashion society. While fashion has been changing every year, eyeglasses, on the other hand, have not changed so much. It's always been the same colors and boring styles, which works well with people who are pursuing a minimalist lifestyle. However, we believe that people can be blind to their own characteristics and their unique features. While some people just see glasses as a tool to help them see, we see glasses as an accessory that highlights your personality. Like any item of clothing or a piece of jewelry, it's a quick way to tell people who you are. We believe eyewear is another opportunity to strip down and show off your true personality to the world.